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AI Live Demo

Good thing about prototyping in Construct 2 is that you can export HTML 5 builds of the game. Observe 4 pretty dumb AI floating about not doing much. If you want to, press ENTER to take control of one of them and use WASD / QE to thrust around. There’s nothing to do.

4660 Nereus: AI

Take control of automated drones in an asteroid mining cluster. Steal information and resources.

AI seeks resources in asteroids, manages fuel and shares information within a network of docking platforms. The AI simulates player inputs to navigate the environment, they seek to assigned x and y positions and use collision polys to avoid physics objects. They can seek around objects as the left and right collides has a ‘last collided’ check on them which allows the AI to strafe when an object is detected in front of them.

They try to conserve fuel where possible and when they have either started to run low or have collected enough data, they attempt to dock at the nearest landing platform.

4660 Nereus – Mining Basics

Overview of the mining mechanics in Nereus. Mining plays a part in most missions in order to collect enough resources to build structures and units.

As you can see, this is a prototype so there’s lots of ugly and a few bugs on display.

4660 Nereus – Simple Mission Walkthrough

This video features a mission generator which creates variations on a very simple ‘retrieval’ mission type. I will be expanding this to create much more complex mission types in the future.

Video also shows new mechanics, primarily how the two drones can share fuel with each other.

Music is from my work on Aurora Wager made by Ramjet Anvil (the awesome Volo Airsport guys)

4660 Nereus Mechanics Update

Coming to the end of my little prototype now. Added physics based docking which means you can influence the rotation and trajectory of objects you are attached with. Also added two ships, one with laser and the other with a bomb.

Thinking you need to guide certain rare asteroids into a refinery, which is what I tried to do at the end before smashing it against the wall.

4660 Dev VLOG 1

Still messing with this little side project. Feel like I need to explore the edges of the prototype before probably shelving it like I do with every other project I work on hahaha (minus Orbit of course).